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Weather At Boston

Boston is the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Current conditions are taken at the commonwealth's capitol complex.

  • 14 7 02
  • Mostly Sunny

    47° F / 8.3° C

    Feels Like:

    40° F / 4.4° C

  • West
    Winds (W)

    15 MPH / 24.1 KPH

    Wind Gusts:

    21.9 MPH / 35.2 KPH

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We offer travel weather for the toll roads in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and by seleting the road, you can then pick the location where you want your weather information.

To maximize the benefit for your travel, we have added many new features, including more relevant regional satellite and radar imagery, more precise wind direction and speed data, with a new, custom weather vane, to help you visualize the wind direction.

We also include new visibility and precipitation data, as well as hour-by-hour forecasts for your location. Our extended forecasts now provide weather for the next ten (10) days.

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