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Toll Information for Delaware


Delaware has a page for you to either pay or dispute your toll violation.

To speak to someone in the toll violation center, call 888-397-2773.


Delaware and E-ZPass

Delaware is on the E-ZPass electronic toll collection network, so any transponder that displays the E-ZPass or IPass logo will be accepted in Delaware.


Counting Axles

toll classes

This graphic provides general information about how to count the number of axles on your vehicle. See the information below for detailed information for Delaware.

Tolls and Vehicle Classes

Any driver that uses a toll road in Delaware is expected to pay the toll for that roadway. In Delaware, the tolls are set by the Delaware Department Of Transportation, usually abbreviated, "DelDOT".

About Vehicle Classes

The classification system is simple in Delaware. Tolls are calculated based on the number of axles your vehicle has. Any trailers that are towed behind your vehicle will also have the axles counted, so when you count the axles on your vehicle, be certain to add the number of axles on the vehicle and the trailer to get your total.

Motorcycles count as a car, including motorcycles with a sidecar. Motorcycles with a trailer would count two axles for the motorcycle, plus the number of axles on the trailer, to get a total.

Axle Classes

  • 2-Axle class includes a car, van, SUV, motorcycle or pickup truck
  • 3-Axle class includes the axles on the vehicle plus any trailer
  • 4-Axle class includes the axles on the vehicle plus any trailer
  • 5-Axle class includes the axles on the vehicle plus any trailer
  • 6-Axle class includes the axles on the vehicle plus any trailer

In Delaware, there is no class of vehicle higher that the 6-Axle class. If you have seven or more axles, use the 6-Axle Class.



The cash payment system speaks for itself. When you pay by cash, you are responsible for having sufficient cash funds to pay for your tolls while driving on Delaware toll roads.

If you are unable to pay your toll, you will receive a ticket for the amount of the unpaid toll, plus an administrative fine.


Delaware is part of the E-ZPass system; therefore, you may use an E-ZPass on toll roads in Delaware. If you have an E-ZPass issued in another state, you will still get the discounted toll rates in Delaware.

Make certain you have sufficient funds on your E-ZPass account to pay for the toll charges you will incur; otherwise, it will count as a toll violation.