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Buttons will take you to the agency website or agency-authorized website designated for online payments. If a button is faded, the option is not available.

Third party websites open in a new tab or window.

Which roads does this agency handle? All payment options for the roads managed by The MTA Bridges And Tunnels are shown below.

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All Accepted Payment Methods On MTA Bridges And Tunnels Roads






Agency Email, Phone & Address

Primary contact information for The MTA Bridges And Tunnels:


Main Office

  • 2 Broadway
  • 23rd Floor
  • New York, New York 10004

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Please note: Toll payments by agency is a new section of the site, and we continue adding crucial new information and data. We are also developing key user features that will greatly enhance your ability to search the correct agency for toll payments, and pay direclty online, where permissable.



Roads Managed By The MTA Bridges And Tunnels

Agency Roads

Toll Payments By Road For The MTA Bridges And Tunnels

This road-by-road listing shows which toll payment types are accepted on each road, bridge crossing or tunnel, as may be the case.

What Each Icon Means:


To make a payment online or find out how to pay a violation for one of the roads listed, Payment Buttons for The MTA Bridges And Tunnels are found above.

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Note: Most agencies are now accepting app payments.

MTA Bridges And Tunnels collects toll payments for the following roads:

verrazzano narrows bridgeVerrazzano Narrows Bridge

How to pay ▸

robert f kennedy bridgeRobert F Kennedy Bridge

How to pay ▸

bronx whitestone bridgeBronx Whitestone Bridge

How to pay ▸

throgs neck bridgeThrogs Neck Bridge

How to pay ▸

queens midtown tunnelQueens Midtown Tunnel

How to pay ▸

hugh l carey tunnelHugh L Carey Tunnel

How to pay ▸

henry hudson bridgeHenry Hudson Bridge

How to pay ▸

marine parkway bridgeMarine Parkway Bridge

How to pay ▸

cross bay veterans memorial bridgeCross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge

How to pay ▸

Specific information about each type of payment option can be viewed below.

▾ About Payment Types ▾

For all agencies in New York, and a list of the roads under each agency's jurisdiction, please see "New York Toll Payments".

▹ More: New York Toll Payments ▹



Triborough Bridge And Tunnel Authority Payment Options And tolls by mail Rules

New York icon

Payment Types Explained, Including E-ZPass , Tolls By Mail And Other Payment Rules

Payments accepted on toll roads in New York include the following:

E-ZPass and Other Transponders

The MTA Bridges And Tunnels accepts E-ZPass and the following transponders:

  • e-zpass
  • i-pass
  • riverlink
  • quick-pass
    quick pass
  • epass-xtra
    epass xtra
  • uni
  • sunpass-pro
    sunpass pro

For statewide E-ZPass information, please see "E-ZPass In New York".

▹ More: E-ZPass In New York ▹

Pay By Plate & Toll Invoices

MTA Bridges And Tunnels toll roads offer a pay-by-plate option, which means you can pay your toll online within a few days, or you will receive an invoice. A picture or a video is taken of your vehicle license plate, and an invoice is mailed to the registration address on file for the vehicle. Failing to make a toll payments after getting in invoice could result in a toll violation.

Basic Tolls By Mail 'Rules Of The Road'

For this agency, MTA Bridges And Tunnels, the license plate toll option is called Tolls By Mail. This term may not apply to all agencies across New York.

Must use TollsNY App to register plate for toll tracking. Otherwise, tolls invoiced every 30-40 days, and includes administrative fee. Payment due by due date or $5 late fee will be added.

A list of this agency's roads, currently accepting license plate payments, along with any restrictions or special rules, is shown further down this page.

▾ Plate Pay Road List ▾

For statewide license plate toll information, please see "Plate Tolls In New York".

▹ More: Plate Tolls In New York ▹

Toll Payments Via App

This agency now accept payments via app. A list of official and compatible apps will be shown here shortly, along with rules and restrictions.



Triborough Bridge And Tunnel Authority: List Of Roads With Tolls By Mail

New York icon

tolls by mail Road List

Roads where you can pay by plate:

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