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Paying Tolls: San Diego Association Of Governments

SANDAG Toll Payments, Plus Agency Roads And Payment Options



San Diego Association Of Governments

Payment Info At A Glance / California Toll Violations

Online Payments, Toll Invoices & More

Pay Tolls Or Violations For The San Diego Association Of Governments


Buttons will take you to the agency website or agency-authorized website designated for online payments. If a button is faded, the option is not available.

Third party websites open in a new tab or window.

Which roads does this agency handle? All payment options for the roads managed by The San Diego Association Of Governments are shown below.

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All Accepted Payment Methods On San Diego Association Of Governments Roads






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Agency Email, Phone & Address

Primary contact information for The San Diego Association Of Governments:


Main Office

  • 401 B Street
  • Suite 800
  • San Diego, California 92101

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Please note: Toll payments by agency is a new section of the site, and we continue adding crucial new information and data. We are also developing key user features that will greatly enhance your ability to search the correct agency for toll payments, and pay direclty online, where permissable.



Roads Managed By The San Diego Association Of Governments

Agency Roads

Toll Payments By Road For The San Diego Association Of Governments

This road-by-road listing shows which toll payment types are accepted on each road, bridge crossing or tunnel, as may be the case.

What Each Icon Means:


To make a payment online or find out how to pay a violation for one of the roads listed, Payment Buttons for The San Diego Association Of Governments are found above.

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Note: Most agencies are now accepting app payments.

San Diego Association Of Governments collects toll payments for the following roads:

Specific information about each type of payment option can be viewed below.

▾ About Payment Types ▾

For all agencies in California, and a list of the roads under each agency's jurisdiction, please see "California Toll Payments".

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SANDAG: List Of Roads With Plate Payment

San Diego Association Of Governments Road List

Roads where you can pay by plate:

  • South Bay ExpresswaySouth Bay Expressway

    This road serves Chula Vista, San Diego, Bonita, Spring Valley

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Payment Options And License Plate Toll Rules

California icon

San Diego Association Of Governments Road ListPayment Types Explained, Including FasTrak , Plate Payment And Other Payment Rules

Payments accepted on toll roads in California include the following:

FasTrak and Other Transponders

The San Diego Association Of Governments accepts FasTrak and the following transponders:

  • fastrak

For statewide FasTrak information, please see "FasTrak In California".

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Pay By Plate & Toll Invoices

San Diego Association Of Governments toll roads offer a pay-by-plate option, which means you can pay your toll online within a few days, or you will receive an invoice. A picture or a video is taken of your vehicle license plate, and an invoice is mailed to the registration address on file for the vehicle. Failing to make a toll payments after getting in invoice could result in a toll violation.

Basic 'Rules Of The Road'

Must be paid within four business days

A list of this agency's roads, currently accepting license plate payments, along with any restrictions or special rules, is shown above.

▴ Plate Pay Road List ▴

For an at-a-glance list of agencies taking license plate tolls, please see "California Plate Payment By Agency".

▹ California Plate Payment By Agency ▹

Cash Toll Payments

This agency accepts cash at some toll points, meaning you can use cash for your toll charges on those particular roads, although not all toll booths may be staffed at all hours.

Bank Card Payments

San Diego Association Of Governments toll roads accept a credit or debit card for payment. This means payments may be made by bank card on those particular roads. Typically, a major banking network, such as Visa or Master Card is required when using a debit card.




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