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Plate Payments

License plate payment information by roadways tells you whether you can pay online and offers additional options. Data are continually updated a new roads adopt plate payments.

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Toll Payment Basics

Learn the common tolling rules that apply. Read our toll road payment primer below.

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Toll Transponders

Save money on most tolls by buying a toll transponder. Learn which one will suit you best.

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Paying Tolls: Payment Types In Brief

Cashless Tolling / All-Electronic Tolling

Many toll agencies have converted to all-electronic tolls, meaning cash is not accepted. On roadways that are all-electronic, or cashless, toll payments may be made by one of the following methods:

License Plate Tolls / Plate Payment

Many agencies offer license plate tolling options, what is most frequently called "plate pay". Most agencies, however, have many other names for license plate tolls, including "Pay by Plate", "Toll by Plate", "Pay by Mail", and similar phrases. Using the license plate payment method allows drivers to travel toll roads, without having to buy a transponder or carry cash.

Plate payment involves taking a snapshot of your vehicle's license plate, using other equipment to determine your vehicle class, then issuing a toll statement, often on a 30-day invoicing schedule.

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License Plate Payments Online

Many agencies offer the option to pay license plate tolls online. Some agencies even allow you to make a license plate payment before you travel. As for toll invoices, these are most often paid online, but agencies will also accept in-person cash payments, in some cases, as well as payment by check, but only after the invoice, itself, has been generated.

Often, plate payment invoices are mailed once per month, but it may take several weeks for an invoice to be generated and mailed. When the invoice is sent, it will be mailed to the address on file with the state where the photographed license plate is registered.

Toll invoices may include an administrative fee for issuing the invoice.

What Are Registered And Unregistered Plate Accounts?

Registering a licence plate simply means you have provided your vehicle information to the tolling agency responsible for handling licence-plate billing. Often, registering a license plate may result in reduced tolls, similar to using an agency-issued toll pass.

Unregistered license plate only means you have not provided your license plate to a tolling agency that issues toll invoices. If a roadway offers a "Pay-by-Plate", "Toll-by-Plate" or similar payment option, you do not need to register your license plate in order to receive a toll bill.

Toll Pass / Transponder

Toll transponders issued by state or regional tolling agencies are, typically, the preferred method for making toll payments.

When using a compatible toll pass, your tolls are automatically deducted from your prepaid account. Many juristictions now have mobile apps to let you manage your transponder account from your phone.

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The compatibility of a toll pass will depend upon the state in which you travel and the roadway being used. Our Toll Pass section has a complete list of compatible roads for each state.

Toll pass networks are becoming more integrated, particularly across the eastern United States and the Southern Plains, but many states are also opting to use isolated networks and charge by license plate, as well.



Apps, Cash, And Cards

Cash / Coin

Cash payments are fairly self-explanatory. Paying with cash means using legal tender, whether notes or coins, in order to pay your toll.

For agencies that collect cash payments, tolls are often taken at unstaffed toll booths. In such cases, exact change is often required. At a staffed toll booth, change is typically provided.

In case exact an payment is not available, many agencies will permit overpayment at an unstaffed toll booth; however, no change will be issued for payment above the required toll. Change can only be issued at staffed toll booths.

In such circumstances, the option to use a credit card or debit card is sometimes available, as is using a mobile payment app.

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Mobile Apps

Toll payment apps have been adopted in many jurisdictions. Most agencies already offer the option to manage a toll transponder account via an app. As states and agencies continue adopting more sophisticated technology, the option to pay all tolls using a mobile app is becoming more widespread.

Meanwhile, companies like GoToll, Paytollo, PlusPass, among others, have struck agreements with agencies to accept customer payments, making the use of private-sector mobile apps a common occurence.

However, not all apps currently have agreements with each of the agencies that charge tolls. Furthermore, no single agency currently accepts all apps for payment, and no toll payment app has yet been adopted universally. This makes compatibility somewhat of an issue, at least for the time being.

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Credit Card or Debit Card

Credit card payments or debit card payments are used on some roadways, particularly across the Midwest and on privately-managed roads; however, this option is offered neither widely nor universally.

In states or on roadways the option to use a credit card or debit is permitted, the cards typically be part of a recognized financial network, such as Visa or Master Card.


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