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Utah Express Pass

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Express Pass

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Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

Utah Agencies Issuing Transponders

Express Pass

The electronic transponder/sticker issued by the State of Utah is Express Pass.

However, there are two agencies issuing passes in Utah, so you have more options.

Adams Avenue Parkway LLC

ExpressCard Transponders

UDOT Express Lanes

Express Pass Transponders



Express Pass

The Utah Express Pass

Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

Account Information For The Utah Express Pass

Express Pass

The main transponder issued in the State of Utah is Express Pass.

If you wish to order the Express Pass, the state offers the following types of accounts:

NOTICE! These are links to the official toll agencies representing or issuing the passes listed. TurnpikeInfo.com is not affliated with any government agency.

Use the options below to guide you buying a transponder for Utah.

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Transponder Tips & Basics

Getting Started And Picking The Transponder

It is normal to get a toll transponder from the most prominent agency in any given state; however, how you travel can influence whether you get a different transponder, or even more than one.

▴ Get An Account ▴

Families and businesses will often have more than one vehicle. This usually means there is more than one transponder/pass on an account.

Most agencies allow more than one transponder to be assigned to an account, often up to five per family, and more for businesses. However, only one transponder or sticker ID can be assigned to any one vehicle at any given time.

Once You Get Your Transponder

When you order a pass, you will be required to set up a toll pass account with the state or regional agency that issues the transponder or sticker. This is how you will manage your transponders, your vehicles and add funds to your new toll passes.

When you get your pass, you will need to associate the identification number on the transponder or sticker with the vehicle you are using.

Properly Installing Your Transponder

Proper installation of your new sticker or transponder is vital to assuring the device can be read by tolling equipment.

The illustration below provides a quick reference, and we have a complete installation guide, including special instructions for installing license-plate transponders, which are often used on large trucks and vehicles with metal-oxide windows.

▹ Installation Instructions ▹

Transponder installation thumbnail

Counting Axles Guide

Guide to counting axles
▸ When counting axles, remember to count ALL axles with wheels touching the ground, including axles on any trailers you may be towing. This is the calculus tolling agencies will use to determine the number of axles on your vehicle.

These Passes Will NOT Work In Utah!

NOTICE! If you are using a toll pass or transponder with one of the following networks, your pass will not work in Utah.

  • e-zpass
  • epass
  • epass xtra
  • expresstoll
  • eztag
  • fastrak
  • go pass
  • good to go
  • i-pass
  • k-tag
  • leeway
  • macpass
  • movpass
  • palmetto pass
  • peach pass
  • pikepass
  • quick pass
  • riverlink
  • sunpass pro
  • toll tag
  • tolltag
  • trip tag
  • txtag
  • uni

Refer to our nationwide road guide to see which passes work for each toll road across North America.

▹ Passes By Road ▹

Transponder Compatibility For Utah

Compatible Transponders In Utah, Listed By Road

Adams Avenue Parkway

Also Called 500 east | Agency: Adams Avenue Parkway LLC

  • Primary
  • Compatible Passes
  • ExpressCard
  • ExpressCard
Express Pass

Express Pass Outside Of Utah

Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

We are sorry, but this pass can not be used outside of Utah.

We only show above those states where we can verify acceptance of Express Pass.


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