EZPass Orders For Maryland

Maryland EZPass Order And Delivery Info

Orders for Maryland are handled by the Maryland Transportation Authority. Order links will take you to the Maryland EZPass website.

Customer service: 888-321-6824
Direct URL: https://www.ezpassmd.com


See "Available Account Types" below for more information about which account and transponder type you may need.

Visit the Toll Pass page for more information about toll passes and compatibility in Maryland.

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E-ZPass For Individuals / Private Accounts

Maryland allows individuals and families to order their toll transponders and set up their E-ZPass account online. Private accounts are Standard Plans that are limited to four transponders. Users with a Maryland E-ZPass will get a minimum of 25% off the cash toll rate at state toll facilities and bridges.

Commuters also have the option of setting up an additional Discount Plan on their Standard Plan. Discount Plans are assigned to each transponder unit, and they can not be shared with other transponder units. Discount Plans are also specific to a roadway or roadway group.



E-ZPass For Business

Maryland requires commerical E-ZPass users to fill out a commercial application and submitUsers must agree to the terms of service, complete the business application package, and submit the package to the Maryland E-ZPass Service Center.

To speak with a customer service representative, call the E-ZPass Service Center at 888-321-6824.

To review the commercial terms, view or download them below.


Completed applications should be mailed to the following address:

Maryland E-ZPass Customer Service Center
PO Box 17600
Baltimore, MD 21297-7600

Using EZPass From State To State

Please refer to the compatibility map below. This will guide you in your purchase decision. It is highly recommended you purchase a toll pass transponder for the state in which you will travel most often.

toll pass compatibility reference