EZPass Orders For Indiana

Indiana EZPass Order And Delivery Info

Orders for Indiana are handled by the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company. Order links will take you to the Indiana EZPass website.

Customer service: 574-675-4010
Direct URL: https://secure.ezpassin.com


See "Available Account Types" below for more information about which account and transponder type you may need.

Visit the Toll Pass page for more information about toll passes and compatibility in Indiana.

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E-ZPass For Individuals / Vehicles With Two Axles

Indiana permits individuals and families to order their toll transponders and set up their E-ZPass account online; however, only two-axle vehicles may be handled online. Any vehicle with more than two axles must use the commercial option in the green window below.

New users must provide their name, vehicle and credit card information to start their new account.


E-ZPass For Business / Vehicles With Three Axles Or More

Indiana requires commerical E-ZPass users and anyone operating a vehicle with three axles or more to register a commercial iZoom account before receiving their transponders. Users must agree to the terms of service, then speak with a customer service representative, first.

To speak with a customer service representative, call the ITRCC at 574-675-4010.

To review the commercial terms, view or download them below.


Using EZPass From State To State

Please refer to the compatibility map below. This will guide you in your purchase decision. It is highly recommended you purchase a toll pass transponder for the state in which you will travel most often.

toll pass compatibility reference