IPass Orders For Illinois

Illinois IPass Order And Delivery Info

Orders for Illinois are handled by the Illinois Tollway. Order links will take you to the Illinois IPass website.

Customer service: 800-824-7277
Direct URL: https://www.getipass.com


See "Available Account Types" below for more information about which account and transponder type you may need.

Visit the Toll Pass page for more information about toll passes and compatibility in Illinois.

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I-Pass For People or Business

Illinois offers a 50% discount to drivers using the Illinois I-Pass on state toll roads. Ordering an I-Pass transponder requires an initial $30 for the first transponder.

Families and business owners who want to use a single account to manage multiple transponders may do so by using the Shared Balance program. The Shared Balance program permits users to maintain a single monetary balance for all the transponders in that account.

It is recommended that heavy toll users, particularly large business and fleet owners, keep larger balances on hand to avoid frequent credit card charges.


Using IPass From State To State

Please refer to the compatibility map below. This will guide you in your purchase decision. It is highly recommended you purchase a toll pass transponder for the state in which you will travel most often.

toll pass compatibility reference