SunPass Orders For Florida


The Sunpass Mini sticker uses the windshield as its antenna. Once affixed, it can not be moved to another car. It also can not be used on motorcycles.

$7.47 each unit
Plus: $5.08 shipping for one; $6.78 for two.

Total for one: $ 12.55
Total for two: $ 21.72



The Sunpass Portable transponder uses suction cups to stick to the windshield. It can be removed and put in another car, as you wish.

$27.37 each unit
Plus: $10.48 shipping for one; $13.38 for two.

Total for one: $ 37.85
Total for two: $ 68.12


See "Available Account Types" below for more information about which account and transponder type you may need.

Visit the Toll Pass page for more information about toll passes and compatibility in Florida.

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SunPass For Individuals and Families

The SunPass Personal Prepaid account is for personal, non-commercial users who have privately-owned cars, trucks, motorcycles or the like. Generally, SunPass Personal Prepaid accounts have ten (10) transponders or less, whether portable or sticker-type transponders.

Once you acquire your first SunPass, activation will require a $10 minimum toll deposit for the sticker account, and a $25 minimum toll deposit for the portable unit.

  • Vehicle must be individually owned
  • May be used for cars, vans, pickups, motorcycles and RVs


SunPass for Business

The SunPass Commercial Prepaid account is for commercial business or companies. A Federal Employer Identification number (FEIN) is required to open a Commercial Prepaid account.

Accounts of this type permit businesses to have an unlimited number of transponder tags registered for a single account. The vehicles must be owned or leased by the business.

Once open your Commerical SunPass account, activation will require a $50 minimum toll deposit, but the deposit amount will vary, depending up the estimated usage on the account.

  • For company vehicles or vehicle fleets of three or more axles.
  • May have tandem rear axles or multiple rear axles
  • May be used for tractor trailers, transporters, busses, and larger trucks
  • Requires submission of Commercial SunPass Account application.


Using SunPass From State To State

Please refer to the compatibility map below. This will guide you in your purchase decision. It is highly recommended you purchase a toll pass transponder for the state in which you will travel most often.

toll pass compatibility reference

SALES AND DELIVERY INFORMATION (Updated January 20, 2017): will obtain your Sunpass Mini® or Sunpass Portable® on your behalf and deliver your transponder, via U.S. Postal Mail, to the address you specify on this order form. At this time, makes this service available for the delivery of Florida transponders only. Delivery service for other states will be added soon.

Your payment will be securely processed, and your payment information will never be stored on our servers or with any third-party vendor we use. You may use a credit card or PayPal®. You do not have to have a PayPal® account to place your order. You may use a credit card or debit card, regardless of which payment option you select.

Your Sunpass transponder(s) will be sent with delivery confirmation. Delivery is typically completed in seven days or less. Delivery may take longer in the event there are issues with your payment, or should special circumstances arise concerning your delivery address or location. None of your payment information is being retained by

When you receive your Sunpass transponder(s), it must still be activated.

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