Cost To Drive Continues To Rise With Ever-Increasing Gas Prices

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Weekly gas price survey

Gas and diesel prices across the United States are heading back to their post-Summer highs as the week-over-week increase in the per-gallon price continues rising, hitting $3.61 per gallon as of February 11, 2013.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s weekly gas price survey shows the cost of driving will now set you back, on average, about $57.76 every fill up.  That price is based on the current U.S. per-gallon average of regular unleaded, multiplied by 16 gallons, the average size of a gas tank on a mid-size car.

The latest jump in prices means gasoline has increased more than 25¢ per gallon since the end of January, with gas prices now at their highest level since September 2012, when the average U.S. cost of a gallon of gas peaked at $3.86.

The 2013 gas price trend is in line with the start of the 2012 calendar year, which saw gasoline prices jump from an average of $3.40 in January, peaking at $3.93 per gallon in May, before declining rapidly through July.  The gas prices jumped again through the fall.  A chart of the long-term gas price trend, by month, can be downloaded here.

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Weekly diesel price survey

Diesel prices also continued their weekly increase, although at a slower pace than during January. The EIA survey of diesel prices shows the cost of a gallon of fuel for truckers and diesel-car owners is now at just over $4.10 per gallon.

The rising cost of fuel has prompted some trucker publications, including Transport Topics, to offer tops to reduce fuel costs, particularly for fleet operators.


Gas Prices Surge Across U.S. As Prices Jump Nearly 7%

Weekly Gasoline Price Survey

Gas prices surged by as much as 22-cents per gallon during the past week, according to the latest survey of the Energy Information Administration, a branch of the Department of Energy. The rise in case prices was felt from coast to coast, with prices in the Midwestern states rising the most, over 22¢ per gallon, while the West Coast felt a 13-cent rise in fuel prices. Including California, the U.S. West Coast gas price jumped by over 19¢ per gallon.

Across the Northeast and Atlantic States, gas prices jumped an average of 14-cents per gallon, week over week, with the average driver paying as much as $2.25 more per fill-up. The price is based on an average mid-size U.S. car with a 16-gallon fuel tank. If such a driver filled up twice per week, as a commuter, the likely monthly impact of the past week’s gas-price increase would average about $19.48 per month.

The prices come on the heels of average weekly gas price increases that have troubled U.S. drivers since the beginning of the year. There have been only a couple of weeks since January 1, 2013 when weekly gas prices have gone down, and such declines have been fairly minimal.

Weekly U.S. Diesel Price Survey

Meanwhile, the cost of diesel fuel has continued to increase during the past week, costing independent truckers and other shipping companies more to bring products to consumers. The average price of diesel across the U.S. increased by 10 cents during the past week. Diesel prices have typically outpaced the inflationary trend of regular unleaded gasoline, but this week that trend was snapped. As with regular gasoline prices, the Midwest witnessed the biggest price increase, at over 11-cents per gallon. New England diesel fuel prices went up the by the smallest amount, which was about 6-cents per gallon, on average.


Canoe Creek and Turkey Lake Service Plaza Construction

Canoe Creek Service Plaza
Older Google image of the Canoe Creek Service Plaza, as seen on from 2009 through 2011.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise continues with a multi-year construction project to renovate all service plazas across the turnpike, with the Canoe Creek Service Plaza becoming the latest addition to the list of plazas undergoing renovations. The Canoe Creek travel plaza is located at mile marker 229, just south of the Disney-Area exits in Osceola County. At this time, the gas station remains open, with some food in the convenience store. The only other food available at this time is from the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. The food court is undergoing a complete renovation that will not be completed for several months.

Further north, in the heart of the Orlando Metro Area, the Turkey Lake Service Plaza construction continues unabated, with final work on the new food court underway. However, some limited food service is available. Nathan’s Hot Dogs recently reopened, and there is a new convenience store and gas station operating at the travel plaza, located at mile marker 263, between the I-4 and East-West Expressway exits.

The upgrade to Florida Turnpike service plazas will cost about $162-million. It is expected traffic through the service plazas will be largely unaffected by the construction work. A clerk at the Canoe Creek Service Plaza told Wednesday night, January 30, the traffic going through the plaza was moving, “pretty good,” and that no construction vehicles were blocking any access.

Gas Prices Rise On East Coast, Surge In Midwest And Rocky Mountains

Weekly gas price survey

Average gas prices bounced up nearly three cents per gallon along the East Coast of the United States during the past week, according to this week’s fuel survey by the Energy Information Administration. Some states along the Lower Atlantic states saw only two cent, per average, increase. Drivers living in the Midwest and particularly the Rocky Mountain states saw they fill-up costs leap by as much as 10-cents per gallon, on average. The EIA weekly survey results were released January 28, 2013.

The overall rise in fuel prices across the  the United States comes on the heels of a spike in crude oil prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange late last week. Energy companies generally adjust the prices charged for refined fuels to offset an anticipated rise in crude, even when the delivery dates for crude oil are two and three months away.

Weekly diesel fuel survey

The cost of diesel did not rise as much as regular gasoline during the past week; however, diesel still increased by an average of three cents per gallon, following a larger spike in prices last week. The continued increase in diesel costs will continue affecting the trucking industry, particularly smaller fleets and independent operators.


Gas Prices for January 21, 2013 Show Solid Declines, But …

Gas price survey

Gasoline prices marked a solid decline over the past week, but those drivers enjoying the biggest declines were only to be found on the East Coast and Gulf Coast states. Drivers in the Rocky Mountain States and particularly in the Midwest saw a sharp spike in gas prices, according to the weekly gas price survey from the Energy Information Administration.

The survey showed declines in regular gasoline prices across all regions if the East Coast, which includes New England and the Atlantic states. New England states saw the smallest decline, while states across the lower Atlantic enjoyed a decline of more than 3¢ per gallon.

Conversely, Midwestern drivers found fuel prices surging by upwards of 7¢ per gallon. It was the sharpest increase in fuel prices seen for the Midwest since last August, prices even surpassed last summer’s average price per gallon across the Midwest.  However, prices in states from the Dakotas to Ohio remained below the national average.

Diesel fuel prices

Meanwhile, for truckers and other drivers of diesel-fueled vehicles, prices in diesel fuel rose across nearly every region of the United States, while remaining nearly flat across New England and the Central Atlantic states. Overall, Diesel fuel prices remain anywhere from 6¢ to 11¢ per gallon higher than this time last year, except in the Rocky Mountain and West Coast states, where prices year over year have fallen.


Gas Prices for January 14, 2013: East Coast Gas Up, Diesel Prices Down

Fuel price survey

Gas prices across most East Coast and Midwestern states nudged upward slightly during the past week, according to the latest fuel survey by the U.S. Energy Information Agency. The average U.S. price per gallon of Regular Unleaded was at just over $3.30 per gallon, according to the January 14 survey release, up from just under $3.30 last week. Fuel prices for the East Coast and New England were much higher, however, most drivers paying about $3.45 per gallon, a full 15¢ per gallon more than the U.S. Average.

Diesel price survey

Diesel prices, however, nudged down slightly, a good sign for truckers who typically spend well over $4.00 per gallon for fuel, even though diesel is well known to be much more plentiful and easier to refine than gasoline. The East Coast average for a gallon of diesel fuel was just over $4.00 per gallon, with New England states enduring the highest prices for diesel, at $4.17 per gallon.

Download A PDF of the Weekly Survey

Ohio Turnpike: New Light Fixtures Close Emergency Lanes

Ohio Turnpike Construction Update

Construction workers are laying foundations for new light poles along the shoulder of Ohio’s Turnpike, in Lorain County. As a result, the emergency lanes will be closed for about a half-mile stretch of Ohio’s Turnpike, between mile marker 142 and mile marker 143, until Friday, January 10. The closure will affect the eastbound lanes only.

The closures could potentially slow exit traffic approaching the I-80 / I-90 Junction, particularly during peak travel times.

Gasoline Prices Nudge Upward On East Coast

Gas price survey

Gas prices at most stations along the east coast of the U.S. increased between 2¢ and 5¢ per gallon for the week ending January 6, 2013, according to the latest survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Gas prices in the Lower Atlantic states and along the Gulf Coasts increased between 5¢ and 6¢ per gallon.

However, diesel fuel prices largely bucked the trend of increasing gas prices, except in the Central Atlantic states, where prices went up by about 2-cents.

The EIA is a branch of the U.S. Department of Energy, and they conduct their survey each week, releasing the figures they have gathered every Monday.
Download the current survey report.

Illinois' Jane Addams Memorial Tollway Construction Update


Illinois construction update for Jane Addams Memorial Tollway
The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway, which is I-90 west of Chicago, will continue to see emergency lane closures between IL 47 (State Road 47) and Powers Road, and from Powers to Sandalwood. The shoulders for eastbound and westbound traffic will be affected through the end of March, as they have been since the start of the Summer Travel Season in 2012.
The lane closures are part of an Illinois Tollway construction project to add a new interchange at the IL 47 junction, which will help traffic flow for traffic around Elgin, West Dundee and the Whisper Creek Golf Club.
All travel lanes will be open during the construction period, which ends March 31. However, some intermittent lane closures are possible as unexpected construction issues arise.

New Jersey Turnpike

Northbound travel affected

The Grover Cleveland Service Plaza, located in the Woodbridge Township for northbound drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike, will not be able to offer food service to travelers until further notice. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority announced the food service suspension Monday afternoon, January 7, but did not provide an immediate explanation.

The Thomas Edison Service Plaza, which serves the southbound traffic, is still providing food services at this time.

To get an update of the service plaza food service at the Grover Cleveland Service Plaza, contact the HMSHost contractor at (732) 634-2923.