Gas Price Report For November 20, 2017

Gas price trend for week of November 20, 2017

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, the nation’s average fuel prices relented in their recent spate of price hikes. The latest report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded has fallen about two cents to $2.57. The decline marks the first time in November that drivers have received any good news, where it concerns gas prices.

Fuel prices were down across nearly all of the E.I.A.’s survey districts, including the West Coast, where average prices slipped over the $3.00 mark earlier this month. Prices were flat across the bulk of the Rocky Mountains.

Truckers got mixed news from this week’s E.I.A. report, however, as the national average was flat. Region by region, prices were down about a penny across the West Coast, Midwest and Gulf Coast; however, prices surged along the Lower Atlantic by nearly four cents, while the broad East Coast saw diesel prices up by over a penny per gallon. According to the E.I.A., the nation’s average cost for a gallon of diesel is now about $2.91.

Fuel prices for all regions are shown below, as gathered from

E.I.A. Gas Price Survey

11/06/17 11/13/17 11/20/17 week ago year ago
U.S. 2.561 2.592 2.568 values are down -0.024 values are up 0.413
East Coast (PADD1) 2.477 2.546 2.526 values are down -0.020 values are up 0.354
  New England (PADD1A) 2.563 2.600 2.593 values are down -0.007 values are up 0.396
  Central Atlantic (PADD1B) 2.611 2.658 2.646 values are down -0.012 values are up 0.355
  Lower Atlantic (PADD1C) 2.350 2.446 2.415 values are down -0.031 values are up 0.340
Midwest (PADD2) 2.546 2.525 2.497 values are down -0.028 values are up 0.483
Gulf Coast (PADD3) 2.249 2.302 2.285 values are down -0.017 values are up 0.367
Rocky Mountain (PADD4) 2.538 2.542 2.542 no change 0.000 values are up 0.357
West Coast (PADD5) 3.049 3.084 3.051 values are down -0.033 values are up 0.460
  West Coast less California 2.714 2.756 2.758 values are up 0.002 values are up 0.336

E.I.A. Diesel Price Survey

11/06/17 11/13/17 11/20/17 week ago year ago
U.S. 2.882 2.915 2.912 values are down -0.003 values are up 0.491
East Coast (PADD1) 2.848 2.884 2.896 values are up 0.012 values are up 0.454
  New England (PADD1A) 2.812 2.850 2.862 values are up 0.012 values are up 0.391
  Central Atlantic (PADD1B) 2.975 3.018 3.055 values are up 0.037 values are up 0.506
  Lower Atlantic (PADD1C) 2.764 2.795 2.789 values are down -0.006 values are up 0.434
Midwest (PADD2) 2.861 2.884 2.873 values are down -0.011 values are up 0.517
Gulf Coast (PADD3) 2.668 2.697 2.689 values are down -0.008 values are up 0.393
Rocky Mountain (PADD4) 2.965 2.992 3.003 values are up 0.011 values are up 0.548
West Coast (PADD5) 3.332 3.390 3.378 values are down -0.012 values are up 0.648
  West Coast less California 3.075 3.120 3.107 values are down -0.013 values are up 0.470
  California 3.541 3.610 3.599 values are down -0.011 values are up 0.795
*PADD stands for Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts. Charts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
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