Gas Price Report For September 18, 2017

Gas Prices Fall Over Five Cents On The Week

Gas price trend for week of September 18, 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL – The cost of gas fell over a nickel per gallon during the past week, according to the latest pricing survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The E.I.A. report offers up some relief for drivers, who have been shocked in recent weeks by intense price increases, which resulted from refinery shutdowns in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The average price, nationwide, for a gallon of regular unleaded fell to about $2.63 this week, down from nearly $2.69 last week. Prices fell in all regions this week, including the Lower Atlantic states, which include the states of Florida and Georgia. Despite a spike in consumer demand as the result of Hurricane Irma, the price in Lower Atlantic fell nearly four cents per gallon. The biggest price decline was found in the Midwest, known for pricing volatility. From Chicago to Cleveland, the cost of gas plunged an average of 9.5ยข per gallon across the region, the E.I.A. reported this week. That decline gives the Midwest the distinction of having the lowest average fuel prices among the survey districts, a position usually held by the Gulf Coast. Diesel fuel prices declined, but in moderation, compared to the price of regular gas. The average cost of a gallon of diesel is now about $2.79 per gallon, according to the E.I.A. survey. Regional cost averages for both gasoline and diesel are listed below, showing the current week and previous week. Prices are ranked from highest to lowest price.

Regional Gasoline Averages:


$3.022 / $3.038: PADD 5 WEST COAST (INCL. CA)
$2.779 / $2.784: PADD 5 WEST COAST (W/O CA)
$2.764 / $2.808: PADD 1b CENTRAL ATLANTIC
$2.740 / $2.764: PADD 1a NEW ENGLAND
$2.691 / $2.730: PADD 1 EAST COAST
$2.622 / $2.661: PADD 1c LOWER ATLANTIC
$2.599 / $2.611: PADD 4 ROCKY MOUNTAIN
$2.465 / $2.501: PADD 3 GULF COAST
$2.446 / $2.541: PADD 2 MIDWEST

Regional Diesel Averages:


$3.103 / $3.102: PADD 5 WEST COAST
$2.919 / $2.992: PADD 1b CENTRAL ATLANTIC
$2.814 / $2.829: PADD 1 EAST COAST
$2.813 / $2.827: PADD 4 ROCKY MOUNTAIN
$2.765 / $2.761: PADD 1a NEW ENGLAND
$2.749 / $2.776: PADD 1c LOWER ATLANTIC
$2.743 / $2.753: PADD 2 MIDWEST
$2.615 / $2.647: PADD 3 GULF COAST

Note: PADD is an acronym for Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts.

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