Gas Price Update For September 4, 2017

Report released September 5, 2017 due to Labor Day Holiday.

Gas Prices Surge As Hurricane Harvey Shutters Refineries In Texas

Gas price trend for week of September 4, 2017

Fort Lauderdale – The 2017 hurricane season has taken its toll on fuel prices nationwide, with gas prices making steep gains in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The storm resulting in a number of refineries shutting down across Texas and into Louisiana, choking the nation’s fuel supply and driving the national average price up by 28¢ per gallon. The nation’s average gas price, which was $2.40 last week, lurched upward to $2.68 for a gallon of regular unleaded. The figures are detailed in a weekly fuel price survey compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Every region took a hit, from the Gulf Coast, the site of Harvey’s impact, all the way to New England, where prices rose 35¢ and 36¢, respectively. Prices in the Lower Atlantic states, now potentially threatened by Hurricane Irma, rose by nearly 41¢ per gallon.

The lowest price increases were seen in areas where prices were already the highest in the nation, notably the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains. But these regions also have more direct access to other fuel sources, and prices were only up between 11 and 14 cents per gallon, respectively. Still, the price increases were substantial enough that the West Coast region now has an official gas price above the $3.00 mark.

Diesel fuel prices pinched at the wallets of truckers, too, but not nearly as much. Nationwide, the cost of diesel rose about 15¢ per gallon to $2.76.

Regional cost averages for both gasoline and diesel are listed below, showing the current week and previous week. Prices are ranked from highest to lowest price.

Regional Gasoline Averages:


$3.017 / $2.903: PADD 5 WEST COAST (INCL. CA)
$2.763 / $2.674: PADD 5 WEST COAST (W/O CA)
$2.804 / $2.435: PADD 1b CENTRAL ATLANTIC
$2.745 / $2.388: PADD 1a NEW ENGLAND
$2.723 / $2.337: PADD 1 EAST COAST
$2.656 / $2.249: PADD 1c LOWER ATLANTIC
$2.606 / $2.468: PADD 4 ROCKY MOUNTAIN
$2.539 / $2.307: PADD 2 MIDWEST
$2.506 / $2.156: PADD 3 GULF COAST

Regional Diesel Averages:


$3.044 / $2.910: PADD 5 WEST COAST
$2.886 / $2.758: PADD 1b CENTRAL ATLANTIC
$2.798 / $2.717: PADD 4 ROCKY MOUNTAIN
$2.785 / $2.623: PADD 1 EAST COAST
$2.725 / $2.528: PADD 1c LOWER ATLANTIC
$2.723 / $2.618: PADD 1a NEW ENGLAND
$2.707 / $2.566: PADD 2 MIDWEST
$2.615 / $2.428: PADD 3 GULF COAST

Note: PADD is an acronym for Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts.

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