Gas Prices Mixed As Summer Driving Approaches

Editor's note: The writer of the weekly gas updates, Danny Pryor, is currently traveling with an Internet and domain conference in Las Vegas. Therefore, this week's report will be greatly abbreviated. Normal reporting will resume next week.

Fuel Prices Only Slightly Higher On A National Basis, But Some Regions Enjoy Slight Price Decline

Gas price trend for the week of May 26, 2014The cost of driving was pretty much the same this week as last, according to the latest fuel price survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The cost of a gallon of gas held steady at $3.67 per gallon, but the price of fuel did increase several cents per gallon, particularly in Midwest, where price volatility is common.

For drivers in individual states, the weekly report conveyed good news or exceptionally bad news. In California, long beset by prices well above the $4.00 per gallon mark, this week marked another of price declines. The cost of a gas slipped downward by over 2¢ per gallon, bringing the average price of fuel in the Golden State down to about $4.16.

Halfway across the country, in Ohio, the average gas price jumped by 11¢ per gallon, all but erasing a substantial price decline that was enjoyed in the Buckeye State earlier this month. It was Ohio that largely contributed to the Midwest region’s average price increases. Region by region, the price of gas varies considerably, as it usually does.

Gulf states are currently enjoying the lowest average price of gas, while the West Coast remains the most expensive place to fill up the tank. The following breakdown represents the current weekly survey of gas prices in the United States, by region: East Coast: $3.66 New England: $3.73 Central Atlantic: $3.71 Lower Atlantic: $3.60 Gulf Coast: $3.44 Midwest: $3.65 Rocky Mountain: $3.50 West Coast: $4.00

Author: Danny Pryor

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