Gas Prices Notch Downward, But Remain Above 2012 Levels

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Gasoline prices edged downward in most regions of the United States this week, and the overall national average of a gallon of regular unleaded dropped by about five-cents per gallon during the past week. However, the biggest declines were to be found in the Midwestern USA, which is still recovering from last month’s major flooding, which put refineries and shipping routes out of commission.

The weekly fuel survey from the Energy Information Administration shows gas prices across the Midwest declined by an average of 19-cents per gallon, which helped offset, at the national level, a rise in fuel prices along the West Coast and the Central Atlantic states. Most of New England and Gulf Coast enjoyed stable gas prices, although there was a slight decline across the Lower Atlantic, to the measure of about two-cents per gallon.

Overall, gas prices have been mixed during June, which followed May’s dramatic increases in fuel prices. Overall, the price hikes in May, which hit all regions of the United States, pushed the year-over-year gasoline costs higher. Until the middle of May, 2013 gas prices had been lower than last year.

Currently, the national average of regular unleaded is now about 14-cents per gallon higher than last year, settling in at about $3.58 per gallon. The highest prices are on the West Coast, where fuel averages $3.95 per gallon. The Gulf Coast currently enjoyes the lowest prices, with a regional average cost of about $3.38 per gallon.

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The news is worse for truckers and drivers of any diesel-powered motor. The cost of a gallon of fulel notched up during the past week, but the year-over-year cost is higher by as much as 24-cents per gallon, particularly in the Midwest. The national average of a cost of diesel fuel is currently $3.84 per gallon, which is 16-cents higher than this time one year ago.



Author: Danny Pryor

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