Midwest Gas Prices Lead Nationwide Cost Decline, But Gulf States Pay More

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The gasoline prices across the United States declined a bit during the past week, due in large part to steep price declines in the Midwestern states. Much of the Midwest, particularly Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, had suffered under major price hikes during May, the result of refinery problems and shipping problems caused by major flooding throughout the region. As those issues have assuaged, the gas prices in the region have been given to deep delclines.

Overall, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas went down by about three-cents per gallon, according to the latest survey from the Energy Information Administration. The averages were led by those Midwestern price declines, which averaged 13-cents per gallon. However, gas prices in most other regions were either flat to higher, particularly in the Gulf Coast states, from Louisiana to Florida, where prices increased by about four-cents per gallon.

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For truckers and other diesel operators, the cost of a gallon of diesel fuel was mixed during the past week. The average price of a gallon of fuel was down about one-cent per gallon, although prices were largely up or down by a penny, depending upon the region. Prices fell in the Midwest and Gulf Coast states, but those same prices increased across the Rocky Mountains, West Coast and California.


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