Midwest Gas Price Spike Flattens Broader Average Prices Nationwide

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Weekly gas price survey

Gasoline prices dropped in nearly every part of the United States during the past week, according to the latest survey by the U.S. Energy Information Adminstration.  But, a surge in gas prices across the Midwest so offset consumer gains elsewhere, it nearly flattened the average price of regular unleaded gasoline.

While prices in most regions declined between 2-cents and 6-cents per gallon, the price of fuel in Midwestern states surged by 9-cents. Even gas prices in California and the broader West Coast region were down by a nickel, in most places.

For transit companies and private truckers, the news was equally good in nearly every market, with substantial price declines for diesel fuel across all regions, including the Midwest. Per gallon diesel costs were down between 5-cents and 9-cents per gallon in most regions, with New England and the West Coast states enjoying the greatest declines in fuel prices.

The news is even better when comparing year-over-year prices. For consumer drivers and families taking vacations this summer, the average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline is likely to remain in the $3.63 per gallon range, according to an EIA news release.

Prices this year are off between 23-cents per gallon and 42-cents per gallon for regular unleaded, depending upon the region. The New England and Central Atlantic states are enjoying the greatest price advantages, versus 2012.

Diesel prices are down between 11-cents per gallon and 41-cents per gallon, with the West Coast enjoying the greatest price breaks, when comparing 2013 to 2012 costs.


Author: Danny Pryor

Danny has more than 32 years of experience in media, including broadcasting and print journalism, and over two decades of website and digital content development. He is an AP-award-winning reporter and the creator of TurnpikeInfo.com.