No Fooling! Gas Prices Continue To Slide Lower

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Gasoline prices continued their decline in nearly all markets of the United States this week, as the Energy Information Administration reported in its latest weekly survey of fuel costs. The average U.S. price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas dipped by over 3-cents per gallon, with pricess falling by 6-cents per gallon in the Midwest, the one region that has, until now, bucked the trend of declining gas prices.

The only region of the USA that did not enjoy a decline in gas prices was the Rocky Mountain States, where the average per-gallon cost of gas went up by about 3-cents, the opposite of the national trend.

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Meanwhile, diesel costs were down nearly across the board, with all markets showing a slight decline in the cost of diesel prices. The only place where diesel costs increase was in California, which drove the overall West Coast costs of diesel fuel higher. Take away the California price increases, and the overall West Coast price of diesel declined in line with the U.S. petroleum trend.


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