Three Weeks Is A Charmer! Gas Prices Fall Again, But Is That About To Change?

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Drivers across most states have enjoyed three consecutive weeks of declines in gas prices, according to the latest survey released from the Energy Informtion Administration; however, the Midwestern U.S. witnessed an increase in gas prices during the past week. While the Midwestern increase in fuel costs was moderate, about three cents per gallon, the price of fuel across the American Heartland is has been a seasonal indicator of where all U.S. gas prices are likely to trend  within the next one to two weeks. In other words, the cost relief drivers and truckers have had during March may be about to end.

For the moment, however, the March decline in the cost for a gallon of gas has been well timed to help students on Spring Break, many of whom are traveling to warmer climates to escape colder conditions in the northern states. In fact, Prices across the Lower Atlantic  and Gulf Coast states were among the lowest in the nation, although the Rocky Mountain region enjoyed the absolute lowest average per-gallon cost on regular unleaded.

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Meanwhile, the transportation and freight industries were enjoying the declines in fuel costs, with diesel fuel continuing to fall in price in all regions of the U.S. On average, the price of a gallon of diesel was down about four cents per gallon during the past week.

Regardless of what the price increase in the Midwest may portend, the overall price of gas, nationwide, is down considerably from a year ago, with average per-gallon costs lower by just over 17-cents per gallon for gasoline, and diesel prices down by nationwide average of about 10-cents per gallon.


Author: Danny Pryor

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