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Tell Us Your Travel Story

If you wish to share your travel story on any of the turnpikes or toll roads in the United States or Canada, we encourage you to do so! Simply send an email to info@turnpikeinfo.com and let us know your story, and we will add your travel knowledge to our site so other visitors may gain from your experience.

Also, we highly encourage comments about stories we publish on TurnpikeInfo.com, particularly where it concerns gas prices, service plaza news and construction issues. We can provide basic information, obviously, but day-to-day happenings are just outside our ability, save for the news releases or official statements we get from states’ turnpike authorities or departments of transportation.

To comment about any story, simply write your comments in the spaces provided, underneath each story, and after a quick moderator review, your comment will be shared with other travelers.

Thank you for visiting and sharing with TurnpikeInfo.com!