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Gas Prices Rise On East Coast, Surge In Midwest And Rocky Mountains


Weekly gas price survey

Average gas prices bounced up nearly three cents per gallon along the East Coast of the United States during the past week, according to this week’s fuel survey by the Energy Information Administration. Some states along the Lower Atlantic states saw only two cent, per average, increase. Drivers living in the Midwest and particularly the Rocky Mountain states saw they fill-up costs leap by as much as 10-cents per gallon, on average. The EIA weekly survey results were released January 28, 2013.

The overall rise in fuel prices across the  the United States comes on the heels of a spike in crude oil prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange late last week. Energy companies generally adjust the prices charged for refined fuels to offset an anticipated rise in crude, even when the delivery dates for crude oil are two and three months away.


Weekly diesel fuel survey

The cost of diesel did not rise as much as regular gasoline during the past week; however, diesel still increased by an average of three cents per gallon, following a larger spike in prices last week. The continued increase in diesel costs will continue affecting the trucking industry, particularly smaller fleets and independent operators.