Gas Prices for January 21, 2013 Show Solid Declines, But …

Gas price survey

Gasoline prices marked a solid decline over the past week, but those drivers enjoying the biggest declines were only to be found on the East Coast and Gulf Coast states. Drivers in the Rocky Mountain States and particularly in the Midwest saw a sharp spike in gas prices, according to the weekly gas price survey from the Energy Information Administration.

The survey showed declines in regular gasoline prices across all regions if the East Coast, which includes New England and the Atlantic states. New England states saw the smallest decline, while states across the lower Atlantic enjoyed a decline of more than 3¢ per gallon.

Conversely, Midwestern drivers found fuel prices surging by upwards of 7¢ per gallon. It was the sharpest increase in fuel prices seen for the Midwest since last August, prices even surpassed last summer’s average price per gallon across the Midwest.  However, prices in states from the Dakotas to Ohio remained below the national average.

Diesel fuel prices

Meanwhile, for truckers and other drivers of diesel-fueled vehicles, prices in diesel fuel rose across nearly every region of the United States, while remaining nearly flat across New England and the Central Atlantic states. Overall, Diesel fuel prices remain anywhere from 6¢ to 11¢ per gallon higher than this time last year, except in the Rocky Mountain and West Coast states, where prices year over year have fallen.


Author: Danny Pryor

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