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State of West Virginia

Road Maps For The State Of West Virginia, In Brief

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West Virginia toll roads are managed by one agency. That agency is the following: West Virginia Parkways Authority.

We have maps of this toll road, which may be selected from the list below. Other roads may be listed that are managed by interstate agencies or joint tolling authorities.

Selecting a road will present a map of that road, along with a list of the exits, toll plazas or gantries, any available travel plazas or rest areas, and other locations or points of interest for the roadway. There is also the option to find and book hotels for the selected road.

Each location shown on our maps has its own close-up map, which includes information about the location, plus any nearby gas stations, including their addresses and telephone numbers, so you can get gas or contact a station for emergency road service.

West Virginia Toll Roads

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West Virginia Toll Roads, Bridges Or Tunnels

Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

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west virginia turnpikewest virginia turnpike

Charleston, Beckley, Camp Creek, Princeton, Kanawha City



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