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Chesapeake Expressway Map and Exit List



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Chesapeake Expressway in Virginia

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Chesapeake Expressway Location List

Chesapeake Expressway guide marker

Chesapeake Expressway Exits, Plazas, Rest Areas

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▾ Location Name / Information

North Point Blvd. / NC 168

 North Point Blvd. / NC 168 – Chesapeake

• GPS 36.550571000 X -76.192741000
• Notes: North Carolina

Neck Road

 Neck Road – Chesapeake

• GPS 36.553212000 X -76.194511000

Station Road / Old Battlefield Blvd

 Station Road / Old Battlefield Blvd – Chesapeake

• GPS 36.563707000 X -76.199111000

Gallbush Rd / Battlefield Blvd

 Gallbush Rd / Battlefield Blvd – Chesapeake

• GPS 36.575089000 X -76.199255000
• Notes: Start/End Tolls

Chesapeake Expressway Main Toll Plaza

 Chesapeake Expressway Main Toll Plaza – Chesapeake

• GPS 36.608645000 X -76.204433000

Battlefield Blvd/168 Bus

 Battlefield Blvd/168 Bus – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 5 • GPS 36.617642000 X -76.211601000
• Notes: SB On/NB Off

Hillcrest Parkway

 Hillcrest Parkway – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 8/8A/8B • GPS 36.657543000 X -76.229571000

Hanbury Road West/East

 Hanbury Road West/East – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 10A/10B • GPS 36.688530000 X -76.228074000
• Notes: SB On Use Battlefield Blvd

Mt Pleasant Road

 Mt Pleasant Road – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 11/11A/11B • GPS 36.707760000 X -76.225877000

Kempsville Road/VA 190 E

 Kempsville Road/VA 190 E – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 12 • GPS 36.734974000 X -76.236217000
• Notes: NB Off Only

Battlefield Boulevard

 Battlefield Boulevard – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 13A/13B • GPS 36.736922000 X -76.241396000
• Notes: Use 13B to Great Bridge

US 17/Dominion Blvd / I–64 East

 US 17/Dominion Blvd / I–64 East – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 15A/15B • GPS 36.756357000 X -76.266575000
• Notes: Use 15A to I–64E

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I–64 West / Begin I–464

 I–64 West / Begin I–464 – Chesapeake

 ► Exit 1/1A/1B • GPS 36.763031000 X -76.267985000
• Notes: Use 1/1B to I–64W

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