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Sunpass Transponders

(For Use on Florida's Turnpike and other Florida toll roads)

We are acquiring and delivering to you a Sunpass transponder, sold at specific retail facilities in Florida. These transponders are also available at service plazas on Florida's Turnpike.

In acquiring your Sunpass, per your order, TURNPIKE is making an expenditure at your request and on your behalf, as a convenience to you. The delivery request is presumed once your payment is made. Please make certain you have determined the correct transponder for your needs before you complete your order.

RODAN and TURNPIKE maintain a record with the USPS and for the mailing of all Sunpass Mini stickers and Sunpass Portable transponders. Each order is mailed via United States Postal Service with Electronic Delivery Confirmation. A delivery confirmation number will be emailed to the purchaser at the email address provided during checkout.

For proper delivery, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make certain a valid mailing address is provided and that the Sunpass Mini sticker can be delivered to said address. Mail returned by the USPS will be considered undeliverable. In such a circumstance, the original buyer will be refuned the cost of the Sunpass Mini transponder only.




Cancellations of a Sunpass order can only be made prior to shipment processing, which includes the issuance of a USPS delivery confirmation number. An order may be processed at any time after it is placed, but processing usually happens within one (1) to twelve (12) hours. Once a delivery confirmation number is issued, a full refund of the purchase is no longer possible.

If a cancellation is requested and can be granted, such a request must be made on email and originate from the same email address as the buyer of the Sunpass(es). For security and liability reasons, there can be no exceptions to this rule.



Refunds for Sunpass Mini stickers are permitted only when the Sunpass Mini sticker is returned in the original, unopened envelope in which was mailed.

Refunds for Sunpass Portable transponders are permitted only when the Sunpass transponder is returned in the original packaging. It need not be returned in the original box in which was mailed, but the unit must be shipped in a package that would be reasonably expected to protect an electronic device. The device packaging, itself, must not be opened or tampered with in any way.

In the case of either the Mini or the Portable transponders, devices that are returned will be examined for signs of obvious damage. No refunds will be issued if units appear to be damaged in any way.

If a refund is requested, the returned Sunpass Mini sticker or Sunpass Portable transponder must be received no later than 50 days after the original sale date. Refunds will consist only of the purchase cost of the Sunpass, not delivery charges or return shipping costs.

TURNPIKE must receive notice that the Sunpass order is being returned, along with the reason for the return. Notice must be sent to TURNPIKE on email, to the email address,, and it must originate from the same email address as the buyer of the Sunpass. For security and liability reasons, there can be no exceptions to this rule.

Returned orders received, without an explanation provided by the original buyer, in accordance with these terms, will not be processed as refunds but will be considered undeliverable merchandise.

Undeliverable mails do not qualify for a refund, except as stated herinabove.



Exceptions to the above policy, where possible, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email through our contact form for consideration, and please detail the circumstances specific to your request.



If you have any questions regarding policies and terms on this website, please contact the duly appointed registered agent of RODAN at

You may also send written communications to the following address:



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