How travel info is sorted

Toll Calculators

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Easily find the cost of driving from "Point 'A'" to "Point 'B'". Toll results will provide you the cash rate and electronic toll rates.

Results include links to maps of the exits you select, weather conditions at your exits, and a connection to hotel reservations, built by our partners at Priceline.


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Don't drive if you are sleepy! Search hotels and stop for the night, using our Priceline reservations system. You know your reservation will be secure and handled in a professional manner.

Maps, Exits & Plazas

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The turnpikes and highways we cover all feature maps of the interchanges, exits and service plazas. Maps also include GPS coordinates. Cameras are available where provided by the state or regional transporation agency.

Get about all of the travel and service plazas on the roadways we cover. Plaza listings include gas, restaurants, gift shops and convenience store info.

Travel Weather

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Weather and road conditions make all the difference in your travel. Search for current conditions at your destination exit or get forecasts for specific cities.

Get current conditions and a three-day forecast, updated regularly by our partners at World Weather Online.

Travel information about America's Turnpikes

Traveling in the 21st Century should be super easy, but …

Until, there was no single travel resource dedicated to providing data about all the toll roads across the United States. We started small, of course, providing travel information in a single state. As we have grown, it has been exciting and humbling to realize how much America's drivers, you, have come to depend upon us for reliable travel information.

We are continuing to add data for all the turnpikes and tollways, bridges, tunnels and local highways that require a toll. This has been a big undertaking, as it has never been done before. We know we have to meet your expectations for quality information and simplicity of use. This means we have to have a comprehensive website that is also easy to see and navigate, regardless of what device you use to get your information, from a desktop to a tablet to a smart phone.

Whether you are looking for toll information or weather, trying to find gas and food or looking for a place to stop and rest for the night, will be your indespensible travel partner as you travel America's turnpikes!

That is why we are not shy about calling ourselves "The Turnpike Authority." It is a clever moniker, and one we have adopted as proof of our dedication to this channel. It is also a reminder of the standard of information and a level of service we must maintain.

Thank you for your trust. I look forward to continuing to serve you.

~ Danny Pryor, Executive Director