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Get official state and local tolls for any vehicle type. Point-to-point toll calculators give an exact on-road toll cost for your class.

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Get maps of toll roads, tunnels, bridges, and exits.

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Our traffic camera network shows travel conditions, where available.

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Find travel plazas along your route.

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Accepted Payment Types by Road; Buying and Using Toll Passes; Travel Weather; Toll Road Pictures.

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Learn how to pay tolls by state and roadway, and find out what payments are accepted on each toll road.

Learn about each payment type, including electronic toll passes, pay by plate, cash payments, toll invoicing, mobile app.

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Learn about toll pass networks and compatibility. Info and buying options for E-ZPass, SunPass, TxTag, and more.

Learn which transponder is best for your vehicle and driving needs.

Includes account management options.

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Get current weather conditions at your exit, with regional satellite and radar imagery from AccuWeather.

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See your exit, travel plaza or point of interest in photos by selecting your state and roadway.

Hundreds of pictures already online, with - LITERALLY - tens of thousands more being added on toll roads, tunnels and bridges across the United States.

Tolling Options By Road

Go directly to the toll calculator page for the road, bridge or tunnel of your choice.

Find out how to pay tolls on the road and in the state you are about to travel.

Find out what toll pass is used, and which ones are accepted, on the road you select.

Most Requested Toll Calculators

Massachusetts Turnpike ▸

Also called the 'MASS Pike', this turnpike connects historic Boston with Springfield, Worcester, Pittsfield and to the New York State Thruway.

Florida's Turnpike ▸

Florida's Turnpike connects Central Florida and Orlando to the Treasure Coast and South Florida, including Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

New Jersey Turnpike ▸

The NJ Turnpike is a vital corridor connecting the Philadelphia metro area with the New York City metro area, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Also called:
PA Turnpike
New York State
Also called:
GSP & The Parkway
Also called:
East-West Toll Road

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States: Part Two of Two (2/2)

Open your state of choice for a list of roads, tunnels or bridges, and available options for each.

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