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E-ZPass / IPass / SunPass

The Basics

The E-ZPass system is the largest interoperable toll collection and payment system in the United States. All that is needed is a transponder, which is connected to a payment account or credit card, to pay for tolls. You buy a transponder online, either from this website or in the state where you wish to use the transponder.

Not all states' transponders are yet compatible, although toll interoperability has been mandated by Congress. You may read more about this in our news section.

Money is maintained in an account that you open online, and that account is connected to a specific transponder number you will provide when you open the account. Of course, you need the transponder, first.

To learn about the specific transponder used in your state or the state you will visit, pick a state from the list to the left.

E-ZPass Network Map

Using E-ZPass From State To State

The E-ZPass is designed to be used from state to state, without having to buy a new transponder every time you cross a state line; however, there are exceptions.

Florida is not currently connected to the E-ZPass system. You can not use an E-ZPass in Florida. You must use, cash, toll-by-plate or acquire a SunPass.

Illinois is connected to E-ZPass, but they call their system The IPass. You can use your E-ZPass in Illinois. If you have an E-ZPass, you do not need an IPass.

The other states that are connected to E-ZPass are shown on the map above, provided by the E-ZPass Inter Agency Group, at e-zpassiag.com, which is the umbrella agency for each state that participates in the E-ZPass System.