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How Do I Resolve A Toll Violation or A Missed Toll?

In the state of West Virginia, there is one agency that manages toll collection.

You can jump to the agency section to find the correct agency or authority handling toll payments, and opening the agency road list will reveal the roads managed by that agency.

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What is the state's transportation department?

The main transportation agency in West Virginia is the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

A state's transportation department will often delegate authority to manage toll roads to a secondary agency or to a private agency. Check the > toll agency section < for agencies managing toll roads.

West Virginia Department of Transportation


Main Office

  • Building 5
  • 1900 Kanawha Boulevard E
  • Charleston, West Virginia 25305

Make sure to check the toll agency section, which includes a list of roadways each agency directly manages.

E-ZPass Contact Information

For contact information related specifically to your West Virginia E-ZPass, jump to the E-ZPass agency contact section below.



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Agency Managing Toll Roads

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Which Agency Should Be Contacted?

For the state of West Virginia, the following agency manages toll roads. The contact information is shown, and you may open 'more options' to view the roadways managed by the agency listed. Links are also available to handle toll violations or missed tolls.

In the state of West Virginia, the following agency collects tolls:


Primary contact information for The West Virginia Parkways Authority:


Main Office

  • P.O. Box 1469
  • Charleston, West Virginia 25325
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West Virginia Toll Pass Agency Contacts


Contacts For E-ZPass or Other Passes

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Agencies Issuing Passes In West Virginia

West Virginia E-ZPass

Contact The Main Office

E-ZPassE-ZPass Main:


Main Office

  • 3310 Piedmont Road
  • Charleston, West Virginia 25306


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Plazas & Rest Areas

Travel Plazas, Rest Areas and Gas Stations

We found travel plazas in West Virginia.

To find the correct plaza, first select a road below. You will be taken to a page with map and list of plazas.

Note: We are always adding additional contact information for West Virginia rest areas, in addition to travel plaza information. Check back regularly for updates.