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The Company And Its Founders

We are professionals in the fields of travel and media, providing an authoritative resource for people using North America's toll roads.

The Company Mission

Turnpike Information Company's reception desk and mail room are located on the sixth floor of the Centennial Bank building in downtown West Palm Beach. - VIEW HD IMAGE

Why We Started and What We Do

Our mission at TurnpikeInfo.com is to provide you, our fellow travelers, with a singular resource online to get complete travel information about the toll roads, tunnels and bridges in the United States and North America. Our goal has always been to provide this information at no charge to our users.

Our expertise in the field of media, traffic reporting and travel planning dates to the late 1990's, when our founder operated the Miami regional office of Metro Networks. Our expertise on the toll roads is undisputed, as we actually drive the routes we have on TurnpikeInfo.com. You can see that reflected in the navigational information we provide to accompany the travel photos we put online.

Our goal is to help you make more efficient use of toll roads, helping streamline travel, making it a more enjoyable experience. All the while, our hope is that by providing this information, we can also help to minimize the impact of highway travel on the environment.

We also provide travel resources to compliment the toll road information we provide, including traffic cameras, the ability to viewe hotel listings and make a reservation, providing gas station and dining lists for every toll road exit, and offering an ever-expanding database of resources for those of you who are flying and renting cars.

We continually add new, travel-friendly features for everyone using mobile devices - that's just about everyone! - that way you have immediate answers to questions, like who to pay for tolls, where to quickly find and order food, get a hotel room or gas up and go!

We see it like this: We travel these roads with you, and our expertise in media and travel makes us far more valuable than any self-described guru. Gurus sit on mountain tops. We are The Turnpike Authority!

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The Company People

Danny Pryor, Executive Director/Founder

Danny Pryor, Executive Director Danny Pryor is the Executive Director of Turnpike Information Company and the creator of TurnpikeInfo.com.

Danny Pryor's experience in media dates to the late 1980's, when he began his career as a broadcast journalist, first at KNUU news radio in Las Vegas, and later at radio stations WINZ and WIOD in Miami, and as a news director at WGYL/WTTB in Vero Beach. He has also freelanced for Mutual Radio, CNN, CBS, and even the BBC.

In the late 1990's, Danny became Assistant Director of Operations for Metro Networks' Miami-South Florida operations center. At the time, Metro Networks was one of the nation's premier traffic reporting networks. Today it is part of Total Traffic.

Danny Pryor transitioned to digital media in 1999, as the World Wide Web was just beginning to become a major influence in people's lives. In 2008, he and a now-deceased business partner conceived the idea of creating a travel resource website, which became TurnpikeInfo.com.

Mr. Pryor's tenure at Metro Networks was the foundation for the idea of TurnpikeInfo.com, which was first deployed in late 2008, but became a genuine travel site in 2009, with regular traffic reports and travel information for Florida's Turnpike.

Danny advocates for the environment, as well as science and space exploration, and he is a member of the Planetary Society.

Danny is an award-winning journalist, even earning the Associated Press's distinguished "Best Individual Achievement" award for Florida Large Markets when he was only 23 years old.

Mr. Pryor may be reached by sending an email to [email protected], or by calilng 877-561-7242, Extension 101.

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You can read more about the history of TurnpikeInfo.com below.

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Donnie Goodwin, House Counsel/Principal

Donnie Goodwin, Esq., House Counsel Donnie Goodwin, Esq. is Turnpike Information Company's House Counsel. He is also economic and financial advisor.

Mr. Goodwin's experience in the world of law and finance dates to the early 1980's, when he was an investment banker, first with Merrill Lynch, and later with Paine Webber. He remained at Paine Webber until he transitioned to the legal field in the mid 1990's.

Mr. Goodwin moved to Florida to practice law in 1997, and he has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1999. His legal specialties include consumer law, bankruptcy and intellectual property, in addition to a lengthy record as a criminal defense trial lawyer. He also has extensive experience with child advocacy.

Mr. Goodwin joined Turnpike Information Company via its parent, Rodan Media, in mid-2009. He is a member of the Florida Bar and the Palm Beach County Bar.

Mr. Goodwin may be reached by sending an email to [email protected], or by calilng 877-561-7242, Extension 201.

See Mr. Goodwin's Florida Bar Profile

You can read more about the history of TurnpikeInfo.com below.

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Icon of TurnpikeInfo.com Logo

A Short History Of TurnpikeInfo.com

An early logo concept for TurnpikeInfo.com
Above: An early concept for the website logo, created in late 2008.

TurnpikeInfo.com was originally conceived in late 2008 as a place where travelers across the country could get easy-to-find cost and travel plaza information for the largest toll roads in the United States. The website was registered in 2008, and the first content was deployed, at Fort Lauderdale, in early 2009.

2008 — 2009: At the time of its conception and creation, there was no single location online where users could collectively find information about the largest and busiest turnpikes in America. Because the company founders are located in Florida, TurnpikeInfo.com started with Florida's Turnpike, in early 2009.

Video: 2009 Tour Of Florida's Turnpike

The first incarnation of the site included morning and afternoon traffic reports on video, which were later replaced by traffic cameras. While our goal of including more turnpikes and toll roads were lofty, previous media commitments during the early years did not afford time for the creators to develop the interstate portion of the website right away.

TurnpikeInfo.com in April 2009
TurnpikeInfo.com on April 22, 2009. One of the features of the website, during its first nine months, was video traffic reports for Florida's Turnpike. Reports were later replaced by traffic cameras.

2012 — 2013: It was in 2012 that TurnpikeInfo.com began to truly expand to meet the founders' visions of creating a national resource for toll-road travelers. The website, which had been operating as a division of its parent company, Rodan Media, was spun off into a subsidiary.

During that time, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Ohio Turnpike and the Indiana Toll Road were added to the site, followed by the New Jersey Turnpike, and the first-ever online toll calculator for the Garden State Parkway, in 2013. The Tri-State Tollway and Chicago Skyway were added shortly thereafter.

Our first road tour, a two-week video survey of the Ohio Turnpike and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, happened in May of 2012, bringing the first, new on-site media to TurnpikeInfo.com since 2010.

Video: 2012 Look At The Ohio Turnpike

A partnership was also established with Priceline to become an affiliate hotel broker, permitting TurnpikeInfo.com to list hotels, and to provide travel and reservations services to our visitors. To this date, we remain the only site of our kind with this offering, which is fully integrated sitewide.

Video: Abandoned PA Turnpike (2012)

2014 — 2015: TurnpikeInfo.com acquired Turnpikes.com in April of 2014. The owner never put a website on the domain property, so the purchase involved only the domain name, no data.

In mid-2014, plans began for a complete revamp of the technology and the layout of TurnpikeInfo.com, with a focus on a highly adaptive layout that would automatically adjust to the user's screen and device. All the while, the remaining E-ZPass network states were added, from Maine down to Maryland.

Additionally, during this time period, the decision was made to begin adding major regional and local toll roads, as well as significant interstate toll bridges. The first bridges were added for the Louisville, Kentucky area, as were bridges connecting New Jersey and New York.

A photo and video road tour of the Indiana Toll Road, Chicago Skyway and Tri-State Tollway was conducted in the summer of 2014.

Video: Southland Oasis On The Tri-State Tollway

The new responsive site, developed during the latter half of 2014, went live in early 2015. In addition to the new toll roads and bridges, it also included an improved and expanded lodging section that made finding a hotel near an exit or destination much easier.

Video freeze of Kittatinny Tunnel entrance
Going Underground: A freeze-frame from a low-resolution video survey of the PA Turnpike in 2012, showing the westbound entrance of the Kittatinny Tunnel. The six-day survey, in May 2012, included both the Ohio Turnpike and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in their entirety.

2017 — 2018: This was a watershed period for TurnpikeInfo.com in many ways, as new technologies were added to increase the website speed and improve performance for our users. Entire new regions were added, as the site expanded across the country. New content partnerships were developed.

The first toll roads across the states of the Central Plains and Southern Plains were added, extending the website's reach from the Southeast, East Coast and Midwest across to the nation's mid-section. San Francisco area bridges were also added, including the famed Golden Gate Bridge.

As the summer of 2017 approached, it was decided to partner with TrafficLand, Inc., a company Danny Pryor knew from his broadcast media days, to get access to traffic cameras in markets across the United States.

In late 2017, TurnpikeInfo.com was forced to close its offices, along with most businesses across Florida, as Hurricane Irma forced the evacuation of millions of people. The company's offices and site were run remotely, from a location in north Georgia, for over one week, during the evacuation.

In early 2018, TurnpikeInfo.com began its partnership with AccuWeather, which has been our primary weather and forecasting provider since. The partnership enabled TurnpikeInfo.com to, at last, provide visitors with consistent and accurate weather conditions for the roads they travel.

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By the middle of 2018, the decision was made to stop offering courier services, which had always been limited to only the SunPass. It was believed this unfairly biased the SunPass, and likely also created confusion for users, given the interstate nature of the site.

Instead of the SunPass courier service, a new toll pass page, with a comprehensive network and compatibility section, was developed and launched, helping users understand, more fully, the toll pass sytems at work in the U.S.

2019 — 2020: TurnpikeInfo.com relocated its headquarters from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach in 2019, completing the move during the summer months, about six months before the global COVID pandemic began.

It was during the autumn of 2019 the decision was made to aggressively tour all the toll roads and bridges, and photograph and shoot video of all exits and travel plazas. An effort at this was begun as an experiment in 2012, and again in 2014 and 2016. These tours taught us how to do the shoots well.

The planned series of road tours would gather new media, information and meet some of our own visitors while traveling. The first road trip, "The Fall Into The Holidays Tour", was conducted in late October and early November, with a second portion in December.

Photos from the 2012, '14 and '16 tours, along with the new photos, were cropped and published online for the first time, in the fall of 2019.

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However, as noted, the pandemic had begun in early December, and by late January, as the first cases were arriving in the United States, the decision was made to postpone additional road tours.

Traffic evacutating a hurricane on Florida's Turnpike
Midnight Run: A grainy iPhone photo captures the late-night traffic evactuating Hurricane Irma, on Florida's Turnpike, on September 7, 2017, in the largest evacuation in U.S. history. The hurricane warning areas are seen in the inset, from the National Hurricane Center website at www.hurricanes.gov.

2021 — Present: TurnpikeInfo.com began a major year-long revamp of its website in early 2021, following the launch of the company's latest travel experiment, FreewayHotels.com, which was developed during 2020.

It was in May of 2021 the first changes of the new layout for TurnpikeInfo.com were loaded for our users, providing significantly more information about payments, toll passes, compatibility, as well as concise lists to help users more easily visualize data. The site revamp concluded in June 2022 with the launch of a greatly-improved and updated hotel and lodging section, which acts almost as a website within a website.

We also resumed short road tours, in the summer of 2021, beginning with photo shoots of the new leg of the Selmon Expressway, in Tampa, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, as well as the Sawgrass Expressway, near Fort Lauderdale.

Today, new visual features continue to be developed and added, helping users quickly make use of information about the toll roads, making their travel easier and more efficient. Among these are new airport listings, a coming revamp to the travel plaza section, which will include new dining section, with menus and online ordering options.

We are also adding an expanded toll payments section to help users settle toll violations or other license-plate tolling charges, which has become the fastest growing method of payment for tolls in the 2020's. The expanded toll payments section will include an at-a-glance resource for license-plate toll users, so they may more easily navigate the wide range of rules governing license-plate tolling, or toll-by-plate, as it is commonly known.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge near Tampa
The Sunshine Skyway Bridge: Photo and video road tours resumed, albeit sporadically, due to the continuing panedemic, in July 2021, with surveys in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, including the Sunshine Skyway, a toll bridge on I-275 north of Bradenton, Florida.


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